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Wildhawk G.C.
Rancho Cordova, CA

DATE: September 24, 2017 (Sunday)

TIME: 8:30 AM

ENTRY FEE: $63 Per Player
(Includes: Green Fees, Cart & Range Balls.)

and optional $10 Net and $10 Gross Skin Game.
(Cash must be paid to Andrew before you tee off for side game entry.)

DEADLINE: 9/16/2017


This was mailed to all club officials: As of 2015 we will be distributing Script, not cash.


Dear Club Official,  
Over the past year we received numerous calls regarding acceptable prizes at club events.  Please note that cash prizes of any amount are a breach of Rule 3-1 of the Rules of Amateur Status.  Any amateur who plays for cash prizes without waiving his right to the prize money prior to participating in the event will forfeit his amateur status.   Therefore, any player who players for cash prizes, even in a private club event, would not be eligible to compete in NCGA, CGA or USGA qualifying or championships.

  In view of the above, we urge you to change the prize format in the competitions conducted at your club so as to conform to the Rules of Amateur Status for any competitions where cash prizes are awarded.  This can be done by offering merchandise or prize vouchers redeemable for merchandise of a retail value not greater than $750 instead of cash.  This course of action will ensure that no one jeopardizes his amateur status.

At the least, we ask that you advise the players of their forfeiture of amateur status if they play for cash prizes, and offer them the opportunity to waive their right to any prize money before playing.  Waivers for amateurs who wish to waive their right to prize money in order to play in an event offering cash prizes are available at www.usga.org/rules/amateur_status/Amateur-Status/ .

The prohibition against cash prizes includes golf skills challenges like closest to the hole or longest drive contests. Please also see the Appendix to the Rules of Amateur Status for the Policy on Gambling.   
If you have any questions about the Rules of Amateur Status please feel free to contact the NCGA at 831-625-4653, or email Ryan Farb at rfarb@ncga.org.

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